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First - " What an absolutely fantastic product. I played around with DocScan Pro OCR and got it doing exactly what I wanted, the more I played with it the more I realised it could do. Thank you have probably saved my company £20,000 to £30,000 in staff costs next year. I will probably not bother waiting the 60 days before I get the license. "

Later - " DocScan Pro is brilliant. Seriously its saved my business about 30K per annum in staff costs. We use the Barcode recognition features to automate indexing tasks. It was probably this feature that differentiated you from the many other products. We love it and are getting 100% accuracy on 7 page per minute 300dpi throughput. "

Finally - " ps. After 2 months scanning and using Code3of9 Barcode to automatically index documents we are getting 100% accuracy @7ppm 200dpi. Still think its the best £200 we have ever spent. "
David Ness, Managing Director, Policy Services

" Over a two year period, DocScan Pro has become an integral and reliable part of our operation. The software has performed beyond expectation and SolarSys has provided excellent support, helping us through issues caused by changes in our environment. DocScan Pro is as good as software gets. "
Richard Hall, Attorney at Law, President/CEO LexTech, Inc.

" The user interface of DocScan Pro is much better than others I have used, being less cluttered and simple without, so far as I can see, losing any functionality. So far DocScan Pro has performed well and is meeting my expectations. "
Evan M. Hart, Director and CIO, Bird Hazard Consulting Pty. Ltd.

" Excellent Product, Excellent Price, Fantastic After Sales Service!

I installed the 'demo' and was up and scanning within 15 minutes!! DocScan Pro uses templates for scan control - simplicity itself - the program works a treat - it does exactly what I want it to do. It took less than 10 minutes to show a 'non computer literate' person how to use the system - fantastic!
I paid less than £50.00 for this package!!!!!!! Thank you DocScan. "
Terry Reynolds, IT Manager, Action Express Ltd

" We purchased V5.11 and have been working with it for about seven months now. We are generating more volume for the program on a daily basis. We currently run about 2500 documents per day and DocScan Pro OCR's a bar code and creates a PDF with a file name that associates with the bar code. "
Troy Altomare, Genesis Direct in Oldsmar, Florida

" I downloaded DocScan Pro (and several trial versions of other programs) and I did end up purchasing a license for DocScanPro. The reason is that it was the best program for the price. The features are quite advanced, and more than adequate for our use, which is archiving legal files. I also like that the program is based on the Windows Explorer and therefore doesn't rely on a proprietary file format, etc. I can view the files from any PC on the network. This is great. And the program is stable and well designed. Another feature I like is the possibility of scanning to email. This will be useful for us in the future. Also that the company includes upgrades in the price of the product. That's great too. "

Following our response to a support question:
" Thank you very much for having a look at this. I really do appreciate the time and effort you took to check it out. Also I'd like to commend you on DocScan Pro. It is fast, works very well and fits what I need very nicely. I have a bunch of boxes of old client files which we are going to archive before disposal (hopefully we will refer to them very little in the future). We are motoring right along with the program making good progress every day. Thanks for a great program!! "
Jim Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter, LLP

" As a document archiving company we have tested numerous scanning software packages. Whilst many of the packages offered some useful options, none offered the complete solution in one package. With DocScan Pro you pay only once to receive all the features, there are no optional extras or modules to add on, and it represents excellent value for money. I like the fact that DocScan Pro does not tie you to a specific brand of scanner. I'm sure it would be far easier for SolarSys to insist that I only used "approved" hardware and Twain drivers, but they do not, infact they will even try to solve any Scanner or Twain driver issues that may occur. We have recommend this software to clients as an in-house archiving solution and will continue to use this as our main digital archiving software package. "
Phillip Matthews, Sussex Storage, UK

" We are definitely pleased to have chosen DocScan Pro for our customer in this project. The features are practical and easy to use. Our customer [Singapore Productivity and Standards Board] who has been using DocScan Pro OCR is very satisfied with its performance thus far. It looks like we are in good hands as you are actively extending the prowess of DocScan Pro OCR. Your team [at SolarSys] has been instrumental and professional in helping us meet the requirements of our customer, as well as providing us with a product that can help secure a sizable portion of low-cost high speed document scanning market...We believe your market positioning of DocScan Pro OCR will be fruitful, not only in UK but globally. "
Thomas Tan, Sr IT Consultant, IAS Pte, Singapore

" If our situation changes, I will be happy to propose your company and products for consideration. I thought the trial software was great and would definitely be a welcome addition to this firm. Thank you for taking the time to assist me in trying to meet the needs of our firm. I will certainly keep you in mind should our position change. "
Susan Boyd, Law firm

" You may recall assisting with my scanner config when I purchased DocScan Pro last year in September. My company is eReports. I have been using the product since and am very happy with the result. "
Chris Argyle, eReports, Sydney, Australia

" I'm downloading and then also buying your scanning software (DocScann Pro OCR). I found this software very useful, with a lot of very comfortable features and very simple and intuitive user interface (very important feature !). "
Borut CELCER, IT manager, Insurance company Maribor, LTD

" My name is Gareth McFall, I have just downloaded the trial version of DocScan, and it really is an excellent piece of software, especially comparing it to the software that came with my scanner! "
Gareth McFall

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